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Winter Must-Haves

A trip during winter might be the perfect getaway until you realize that you didn’t adequately pack for the cold weather conditions. What you carry during your trip can make it memorable or regrettable.  The fact that you will be facing cold weather doesn’t mean that you should overpack. Here are the winter must-haves that you shouldn’t forget to carry.

Winter Must-HavesWarm Hats

There’s nothing as brutal as freezing cold during winter. Hats are the secret to staying warm during the winter season. During this time of the year, it is commonplace to find people wearing bulky clothes to concert halls, bars, or stadiums. Likewise, you shouldn’t feel out of place wearing a warm hat on an airplane or train. They can keep you warm when making short walks during your trip, sprints through the airport, and more.

Heavy Shoes

Your shoes are always on the frontline in winter. When packing for a winter-time trip, don’t shy away from carrying heavy boots that will keep you warm wherever you go. The primary requirement for winter travel shoes is that they must be weatherproof. They should also be light on lacing since you might still need to go through airport security and other checks. Therefore, a pair of boots that don’t need a lot of tying and untying will come in handy. Dark-colored shoes are recommended since they won’t show stains from slush or mud.

Heavy ShoesGloves

If you are a smart traveler, you shouldn’t forget about gloves when planning a winter trip. Fortunately, the days of large wool and mittens gloves are gone. You can find a good pair of waterproof, warm, yet thin and lightweight gloves that won’t make your luggage any heaver. The breathability of these gloves makes them useful in different weather conditions. Likewise, the weatherproofing makes them suitable in inclement weather.


All sorts of diseases can ambush you when traveling in winter. You should ensure that you are ready for them by taking some medication with you during the trip. The most common concern for winter travelers is the consistent coughing bouts that result from harsh, dry weather. In such situations, cough syrup can come in handy. Some of the drugs that you can take them with you when traveling come in travel-friendly sachets that are easy to pack in your daypack.

With medicine in tow, you won’t have to worry about winter-related ailments such as coughing and irritated throats. Besides cough syrups and tablets, don’t forget to pack some expectorants and nasal decongestants to help with stuffy noses. If cold weather gives you body aches, pack some pain relief medication.

Thermal Underwear

In harsh winter conditions, when temperatures dip below zero degrees, consider packing a set of thermal underwear. Also known as long johns, the apparels trap and utilize the heat that your body produces as insulation. As a result, you will stay warm and snug. You should opt for woolen thermal underwear if you are traveling to a destination that has sub-zero temperatures. However, you should avoid layering clothes excessively when wearing thermal underwear since you face the risk of overheating.