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Why Fly Business With Elyon Travel?

  • We save clients a true 10% – 75% OFF of Kayak prices
  • Elyon Travel has saved clients millions of dollars off published fares
  • The majority of our clients referred their family and friends!


Here Are Some Perks To Flying Business Class

If you’re considering splurging on a business class ticket, here are a few reasons why the extra expense is worth it:

  • Separate, quicker check-in at the airport.
  • Exclusive access to private airport lounges
  • Lie-flat seats and separate beds
  • Quieter and uncrowded cabins
  • Larger televisions, with more entertainment options
  • Complimentary beverages including wine, beer, and other cocktails
  • Gourmet-style meals
  • Personal plug-ins for laptops and other devices


Avoid Antiquated Business Class Advice

It’s never a bad idea to dress nicely when you fly, to treat a check-in agent with respect or to sit close to the podium at the boarding gate. On the other hand, contrary to what you would’ve read elsewhere, things like these almost never result in being upgraded to business class. In fact, given how many different ways that exist to buy-up to business class, airlines almost never give free upgrades.

Hope springs eternal, of course, and you often get what you desire in life when you’re least looking for it, but it’s important to have realistic expectations. Whatever you do, don’t ask an airline employee for an upgrade directly. Depending on the carrier and the mood the employee, they might actually downgrade your seat in retaliation to your sense of entitlement!


The Bottom Line

Business class can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.

Elyon Travel can get your business class tickets for less! Complete our flight request form and get a quote from us today! Our thousands of happy clients cannot be wrong. Choose us, save money, and be happy.