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 Travel Tips: 3 Days Before Travel

The holiday season is almost here. Many people use this time to travel to various destinations, often for leisure purposes. To avoid messing up your trip, you should prepare early. A little planning, research, and preparation go a long way in making your trip memorable, smooth, and worry-free. Here’s what you should do three days before you travel.

Get Your Travel Documents and Credit/Debit Cards in Order

During the last three days preceding your trip, ensure that you get all your travel documents in order. In this regard, make sure you have your passport and necessary visas and immunization jabs and cards, especially if you’ll be traveling overseas. If you intend to use your credit/debit card during your trip, call your bank to notify them. By failing to notify your bank about your travel plans, international transactions on your card might get flagged. This will leave you without access to your money.

Credit/Debit Cards

Plan Your logistics

As the travel date nears, work out logistics such as your arrival at the destination, airport transfers, and any other relevant costs. While at it, consider downloading TV shows, books, or movies that you may want to watch on your laptop or handheld devices. You can never be sure about the reliability of Internet connection, thus the need to avoid setbacks by getting all the stuff that you may need early.

Confirm Your Bookings

No one wishes to get to the airport only to find out that their flights have been rescheduled, or get to the destination and find their hotel bookings canceled. These are some of the most unpleasant surprises that might hit you if you fail to confirm your bookings early. Therefore, you should verify everything that you booked, be it your vacation rental, flights, hotel reservations airport shuttles, train tickets, or car rentals. While confirming your hotel reservations, it doesn’t hurt to ask about the availability of room upgrades. You might find better rooms that are available at the same prices as what you’re paying.

Check the Weather

The weather is one thing that could positively or negatively affect your trip. However, many travelers take this for granted. Even if you’re traveling at a time when the weather seems predictable, you shouldn’t be too sure about prevailing weather patterns, more so during transitional seasons. Checking out the weather forecast in your destination will guide your packing strategy. Failure to do so might leave you unhappy and unprepared.

Check The WeatherPack

It’s never recommended to pack on the day of your trip. You might end up leaving behind items that you might not need, or packing what you won’t need. It’s sensible to pack days before travel data since this will give you plenty of time to purchase new items if possible, or to even do some laundry. Use a packing list to go through your luggage. This will help you confirm that you’ve packed all the essentials.

Should you need to purchase additional items, you will also have time to visit the store. After packing, weigh your luggage to ensure that it corresponds with your airline’s baggage policies. This will help you avoid incurring costs relating to overweight checked bags.