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Lufthansa First Class

Lufthansa is one of the most recognizable airlines around the world. It offers one of the best first-class flying experiences that you will find anywhere. It is the largest carrier in Europe based on the number of passengers. Lufthansa flies out to over 200 destinations from its hub at Frankfurt Airport. First-class travel is offered on most of the airline’s long-haul aircraft, including the Airbus A340-600 and A330, and all 747-8s.

Lufthansa First ClassGround Experience

The airline’s exceptional flying experience starts at a dedicated 1,800 square-meter First Class Terminal at Frankfurt Airport. A personal assistant is assigned to every business class traveler. At the first-class terminal, passengers undergo private security screening, which takes less than one minute. To make the most of your time, your assistant can give you a tour of the terminal. You can buy whatever you want from a dedicated duty-free store at the first-class lounge. A well-stocked bar and a cigar lounge keep you engaged while waiting to board your flight.


Seats in the first-class section of Lufthansa airplanes are laid out in a way that ensures each traveler has ample room to stretch out. By pressing a button, every seat can convert into a 2-meter bed. A typical 4-class Airbus A380 comes with eight first-class suites that are laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration. Cabins in the first-class section of Lufthansa planes look fantastic.

There are three sides on both sides of the plane. A set of two seats at the center makes it ideal for couples who are traveling together. The cabins come with two well-equipped lavatories at the rear. Although you won’t see blingy gold trim or faux wood on the sets, they are meticulously styled. Since the cabins don’t have overhead bins, they feel enormous. Nonetheless, the lack of closing doors may make you feel a little exposed to other passengers.

In-Flight Meal

Just before takeoff, 1995 vintage Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millenaires Champagne is offered. After that, the crew will serve pearly delicacies alongside traditional garnishes that are either paired with Beluga Noble vodka or champagne. The in-flight menu indicates that you have a choice of appetizers, and true to it, you will be served three appetizers featuring vinegared apricots, tart of halibut, duck tartare, and a salad. The meals offered during the flight are not only first-rate but also amazingly delicious.

Flight MealEntertainment and Service

The entertainment options that are available to first-class passengers on Lufthansa flights are limitless. When you board, you get a free Wi-Fi pass worth $18, and it covers the entire flight. However, the speeds top out at a measly 0.18 Mbps for uploads and 0.31 Mbps for uploads, something that makes it almost unusable.

A 17″ screen is mounted above the ottoman. Considering the significant distance between the screen and your seat, it might look smaller than it is. Each cabin in the first-class section comes with laptop power outlets that enable you to catch up on your work while traveling. The storage compartments under-seat armrests hide tethered Bose headphones, which you can use when catching up on your favorite music, movies, or TV shows.