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Calling all Pittsburgh residents, are you looking to save money on upcoming holiday international travel? If you are the type of person that loves traveling during the holiday season, this is the best time to get your holiday flight tickets. With many people expected to travel, flights will be relatively costlier than they currently are, more so at peak times. Even so, you can still travel on a budget. Here’s how you can land cheap plane tickets this holiday season.

cheap plane tickets holiday season

Book Early

It’s an open secret that you will save money by booking your holiday flights today rather than waiting for the holiday to approach. Besides avoiding last-minute rushes and inconveniences, you will also have ample time to plan your trip. Generally, airfare increases as flights get fuller, and the time gets closer to departure. If you wait for the holiday to approach before booking a flight, you might end up paying fares that are up to twice as high as regular rates. When you work with Elyon Travel, we will ensure that the research is done as to when the best travel options exist, and you will get a level of service that is simply not available when booking with online travel agencies.

Learn About Our Local Pittsburgh Travel Agency

We are a Pittsburgh travel agency, and we love helping our neighbors save money on international travel. We are well-versed in booking travel in all class types, from economy, to business class and first class travel. We have seen significant discounts and savings for our clients, and we are sure that we can help you save on your travel needs. If you think that the best rates are available only on online services such as expedia or kayak, think again. When searching for flights online only, you are missing out on the opportunities to work with an experienced local travel agency that can save you money, and offer many more services.

Subscribe to Fare Alerts

Flight costs tend to fluctuate, especially during the holiday season. Expect to see such fluctuations during the upcoming holiday season. Checking airfares manually to determine whether there are price drops can be tiresome. To avoid the inconvenience of going through your phone every hour or so, consider signing up for fare alerts. Dozens of websites offer this service freely, including Google.

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Redeem Your Credit Card Points and Frequent Flyer Miles

During the holiday season, it is difficult to use your airline’s frequent flyer miles. However, you can still leverage the hefty discounts that airlines offer via such programs, especially if you’re flexible with dates. This way, you will make significant savings on flights. Similarly, you can travel on a budget by using your credit card points to book flights. Additionally, consider booking your travel on credit that offers rewards for flight travel, such as cash back and other perks. This may help to ofset some of your costs associated with travelling this holiday season.

Avoid Booking Flights in Groups

You can save a few bucks by booking holiday flights individually rather than in groups. If you are booking with a group of friends or family members, there are likely to be fewer flights in the low-fare category. In such situations, airlines tend to bump travelers to a higher fare category. To find the cheapest rates, book individual tickets on the same flights. In doing so, you will still travel as a group, but at a bargain.