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Have you ever heard or seen something about cheap Business Class fares, but you feel skeptical about it? We are going to reveal the most useful tips & tricks on how to book cheap Business Class tickets.

Free Travel Dates

Let’s say you plan a vacation for specific dates. You can find online many different flight deals, but it might be that the cheapest fare of the month does not match with your preferred dates. If you have less restrictive dates, you may find the lowest fare. As easy as that, the more flexible you are on your travel dates the higher your chance to find the cheapest fare.


Keep an eye on promo deals

Another tip on how to find cheap Business Class: subscribe to our newsletter. We keep our clients updated on specials and can help you to secure a great deal.


System Error Deals

This year started with a generous present from Cathay Pacific. Website visitors noticed a glitch on the website, where the fare for First Class was as low as the Economy. Instead of $16,000 for the First Class seat, it was sold for $675. At first, no one believed that it is true. Cathay only noticed the error when all First Class tickets were sold out. The airline made a generous gesture and gave First Class tickets almost for free. Such error sales are common.


Last-Minute Flights Bookings

Whoever said that booking at the last minute is expensive, that person never had last minute deals. Where the majority of last-minute booking flights are expensive, there is also a chance that you can buy it twice cheaper. This is how it might happen: most of the airlines sell more tickets than the total number of seats in the cabin to make sure that flight is fully-booked.

It might be that 2 passengers can have the same seat for the same flight. Since the airline, want to prevent this from happening, the prices will go higher than usual. In case, of last-minute bookings, the airline still has free seats, which have to be filled by passengers. This is why the price goes down. Last-minute bookings can happen a week in advance or a day before the actual flight. Oftentimes, last-minute means to depart the next day, and airlines prefer to sell these fares to travel agencies, where clients are specifically interested in such fares.


Unpublished Airfares

Get access to ‘unpublished’ premium airfares direct from Elyon Travel. Request a quote and we will check availability and respond right away! Additionally, you can get private concierge service. This can help you arrange chauffeur bookings, last-minute bookings and explain all of the benefits of Business Class travel.