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It’s not a mystery, that long haul flights are exhausting. Sore legs, no fresh air, bright light, makes it almost impossible to sleep at the 30,000 ft high. Luckily, Business Class travelers have benefits of luxury travel and can use all the advantages of it. We made a list to follow to get a good night’s sleep on a Business Class flight.

Tip #1: Choose a lie-flat Business Class seat

If the flight you are taking, your seat is ultimately your bed. Even though most of the airlines have lie-flat beds, not every Business Class seat is reclining. To make sure, before flying visit the website: and find all the details of seat configuration, width, and height, so you are ready for the sleeping conditions on the plane. For example, seats in Business Class of Qatar Airways, United, etc. are lie-flat so you won’t feel the large difference between your sleeping bed and a seat. Also, check out our list where we summed up the airlines with lie-flat Business Class cabins.

Tip #2: Use Business Class Amenity Kit Perksuse business class amenity kit perks

Business Class Amenity kits are always full of useful items. While most of the amenity kits, include hand creams and toiletry, which won’t help you necessarily to fall asleep, some of them have the “sleeping kits”.

Those are especially useful on the long-haul flights, as some of them include special sleeping amenities, such as eye-mask, pajamas, and many more items. Sleeping kits are essential for long-haul Business Class flights. To know what’s inside, check the amenity kit contents on the airline website. If there is no such information, bring your own! It can consist of your own sleepwear, an eye-mask, dental kit and a blanket.

Tip #3: Business Class Light menus business class light menus

There is a direct correlation between what we eat and how we sleep and we know it. There are numerous proofs from nutritionists and meds and still, we don’t try to neglect this correlation.

“Data shows that eating more fiber, more saturated fat and more sugar throughout the day is linked with lighter, less restorative sleep.”

Especially during the long haul flight, choose the light meals so you won’t feel gutted. As more airlines are now offering pre-ordered meal options, choose something nutritious and light, over the heavy meals. Some airlines offer to choose a time when the meal is served. Take advantage of such an option wisely, schedule meals according to your natural clock’s.

Tip #4: Business Class Lounge Sleep Areasbusiness class lounge sleep areas

Airline lounges are not the only area to relax and spend some time before the flight. Some offer an option for a full sleep rechange. Emirates, Etihad, and many more airline lounges do have a dedicated area, where you can head right after your first yawn. Such rooms are becoming not the commonality, but a need for all heavy long haul Business Class travelers, especially when the flights are scheduled in the late night, why not stay at the airport area, instead of taking a chauffeur and arrive in a rush before the flight, without taking a full night sleep.

Tip #5: Choose the best travel pillow for long haul flightschoose the best travel pillow for long haul flights

Numerous lists are made to introduce the best travel pillows. Yet you will find a pillow on your seat, Business Class takes care of it. You might find more comfortable to have your own travel pillow. They differ with the forms and materials, and the best to choose are inflatable U-Shaped pillow, solid U-Shaped pillows or solid rectangular.