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How close will I be to other passengers? How comfortable will my seat be, and will it turn into a bed? What kind of amenities will I get to enjoy during the international flight? How much is a first-class ticket? Where can I find affordable international flight deals? These are some of the most common questions people have when considering travelling with premium flights – first class and business class flights. We at Elyon Travel are experts and we can help you get answers to these and other travel-related questions today.

While it is true that you can book an premium international flight ticket online, the decision of whether to go for a business class or first class flight can be quite a challenge. Not to mention, we have exclusive deals and discounts that are only available when booking through us. The good news is, we’ve prepared a list of some of the variables between these two premium travel classes to help you make informed travel decisions. Please read on.


  1. Personal Space and Comfort

Space is one of the most precious resources on any plane. First class flights provide more ample space and the utmost privacy in comparison to business class flights. Some first-class flights feature butler services, double beds, showers, and residence apartment-like suites. Business class flights generally provide less legroom, smaller seats, and smaller entertainment screens.

However, a good number of business class flights, such as the Emirates business class and Lufthansa business class, nowadays have improved their service provisions as far as space and comfort is concerned. For instance, there are business class products available today which feature direct aisle access and other great services even better than what first class provided a decade ago.


  1. Food and Drinks

When it comes to the drink selection, first class flights provide incredible food and drink options. The food is usually prepared under the auspices of a top chef you would expect to find in a fine-dining restaurant. The drinks offered (even before takeoff) could include Dom Perignon 2004 and Krug Grande Cuvee. Depending on the airline, you will likely have fantastic drink options in business class as well. You’ll still get a variety of food and drink options that are typically at a restaurant level, though they may be a step lower than that of first-class.


  1. Amenities

Many carriers feature separate first-class lounges for passengers with top-of-the-line bars, spas, multi-course cuisines, fast Wi-Fi connection, individual relaxation rooms, jacuzzi, salon & barbershop, fitness rooms, and children’s play areas. Several American airlines business class lounges provide passengers with eating areas, bars, comfortable chairs, conference rooms, and workspaces. Though these amenities are not as luxurious as those you’ll find when booking first class flights, you’ll enjoy the flight and feel more relaxed.

Some carriers usually arrange complimentary chauffeur services for both business class and first-class flights to pick you from your home or hotel to the airport. The presence of such exclusive and separate lounges reduces the waiting time dramatically – passengers can skip the main terminal, sometimes being driven to their plane in a Limousine, Mercedes, or Porsche.

The Bottom Line

As the old cliché goes, ‘Once you’ve flown premium, you won’t want to fly another way.’ But which way to should you go? Business class or first class? As explained above, there are plenty of reasons to choose either service class. Elyon Travel offers discounts to its clients and offers the highest level of service. You will always have us to assist you with any of your travel needs, as well as unforeseen issues that may arise, which the airlines themselves do not offer. Our relationships with international airlines enable us to get you the best value for your money and the best overall flight experience as you travel internationally. Consult and book with us today for a chance to enjoy your upcoming international flights.