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United Business Class

United Airlines is an American carrier that has an extensive international and domestic route network. It flies to more local and international destinations than any other airline. The carrier was among the first ones to have the long-haul, lay-flat business class products that major airlines offer today.

The airline’s onboard business class seat product debuted in March 2017 and is commonly referred to as Polaris. The best business class experience is offered on long-haul flights, and its Boeing B767-300s and 777-300ER fleet. Here’s an in-depth review of American Airline’s Polaris business class seat products.

Polaris Lounges

Check-In and Polaris Lounges

After the launch of Solaris business class sets, United Airlines opened a host of Polaris Lounges at airports that it flies. The lounges are dedicated to checking-in Polaris clients. If you check-in online, you will get a boarding pass in less than five minutes. Polaris passengers are also allowed to use the Priority lane at airports. Therefore, you can bypass extensive queues, something that enables you to board your flight quickly.

The Polaris Lounges feature plenty of diverse workspaces since they were designed with business travelers in mind. You will find anything from enclosed meeting rooms to small cubicles. You can also freshen up at the unisex bathrooms.

United’s business class cabinsThe Seats

United’s business class cabins are neatly laid out in a 1-2-1 formation across two sections. Rows in the business class alternate between forward-facing seats (odd-number rows), and those that are placed at an angle in herringbone formation (even-number). As a result, seats in the odd rows are located further from the aisles. Their side tables slightly separate them from passengers.

The seats are not only comfortable but also allow you to stretch out and lie down fully flat. A simple slider helps you to control your seat’s recline. You can also make other nuanced adjustments to ensure your comfort. Polaris seats have an elegant finish. A cylindrical lamp that is perched above the white side tables provides a warm yet subtle glow.

Besides the typical spotlights overhead, there’s a hidden reading light located next to your head. You also get a side cabinet with generous storage space or headphones and other amenities such as tissue paper and socks during your long-haul flight. The HD touchscreen on each seat is intuitive and easy to use.

Food Menu

Food is one thing that sets business class seats apart from other seats on a flight. As soon as you board, a flight attendant will be at hand to offer you a welcome drink. As a business class passenger, there’s an impressive food menu to choose from. All the dishes are fresh and tasty. You will be blown away by the desserts offered as part of your Polaris business class package. There is also an impressive selection of cheeses and fruits that come with different toppings. The menu rivals anything that you will find in a Michelin-starred restaurant.


After sampling the impressive menu, the next thing on your mind will be to stretch out while sampling the remarkable films on offer. The selection includes new releases that you may not even have seen somewhere. However, the audio segment has a limited number of podcasts and also lacks music options. You can access the library via the in-flight Wi-Fi. When using in-flight Wi-Fi, you can choose to upgrade your price points.