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After a whole year of working yourself off, dealing with nosy colleagues and a boss you don’t like in Pittsburgh, you’re now ready for a vacation. Your budget is all set, everything looks good, and you’re even planning to fly first class. So what’s the problem? Six words; you have no idea where to go! Well, you’re in luck because below is a list of incredible European cities that are so amazing, you’ll hate coming back to Pittsburgh. But before you go through the list, note that flying first class to these European cities with a local travel agency like Elyon unlocks access to affordable flights. So take advantage of this today and make the most out of your trip.

Interlaken Switzerland

Interlaken is an enchanting gem that you should visit on your trip from Pittsburgh to Europe. Nestled between two beautiful lakes and surrounded by the Bernese Alps, the city has one of the most picture-perfect landscapes in Switzerland. It’s small, hence less crowded, which means you’ll have more pleasure exploring what it has to offer. It’s a great place to relax and reconnect with nature and provides an opportunity to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Some great activities to indulge in include kayaking, hiking, and skiing, among many others.

Venice, Italy

Venice, or Venezia, as the local residents call it, is an enchanting place and a city like no other on earth as it exists in the middle of a lagoon. Therefore, if getting from point A to B on water tickles your fancy, you should definitely skip the crowds in Rome and head over to Venice. However, Venice is more than a floating city. It’s particularly famed for the Piazza San Marco, which is home to the historic St. Mark’s Basilica and the glittering Grand Canal. It’s considered the most romantic city in Italy.

Berlin, Germany

If you’re looking to travel back in time and at the same time enjoy modern sights and sounds, then you should fly over to German’s capital, Berlin. The historically-rich city packs a long string of historical monuments such as the Berlin wall and the Jewish Museum. Besides history, Berlin is famed for some of the world’s best beer and its wild nightlife scene. It has even been nicknamed the party capital of Europe. Thus, enjoy its history during the day and let loose during the night.  Berlin also has a bunch of beautiful green spaces, swimming lakes, public parks, and gardens for the nature lover.

Bordeaux, France

Wondering why you should choose Bordeaux over Paris? Two words; great wine. Bordeaux is considered France’s capital of wine hence the perfect fit for wine-lovers. Perched on the Aquitaine region, Bordeaux is an ancient city with a modern feel as it boasts some of the most striking architecture from the 18th century and at the same time, has a thriving party and culture scene. Make sure you stop by the famous Place de la Bourse and enjoy breathtaking views of the river as you walk at Les Qais.

Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia is a small but charming country and also a popular European destination. Its capital, Yerevan, to be precise is the most visited city in Armenia, and when you consider reasons, it’s not hard to figure out why. For instance, the city is home to an array of beautiful art museums, exhibitions, and streets after streets of affordable, fine dining spots. Being among the oldest inhabited cities globally, Yerevan is historically rich and features a wide range of neoclassical buildings and soviet-style architecture.

Florence, Italy

Italy holds some of the world’s most beautiful cities, so we couldn’t help but add another one of it’s destinations to our list. If Venice isn’t your cup of tea or you’ve been there before, then you will fall in love with Florence.

The city is considered the art capital of the world, and its cobble-stoned streets, works of the legendary Leonardo da Vinci, the iconic Duomo, and countless sculptures by Michelangelo are enough reasons to help you understand why. However, there is more to this artistic city than just art and history. It boasts rows after rows of artistic restaurants that will spoil you for choice with mouthwatering French recipes. It’s the place to go if you love dancing to live classical music and embrace opera.

Over to You

The above are all great destinations to help you unwind from your hectic life in Pittsburgh. Make your experience a remarkable one from the word go by flying first class. Get in touch with us today so we can make your flight reservation process easier and gentler on your budget.