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Affordable Business Class to Europe

Flying coach will leave you tired while flying business gives you a better opportunity to relax and work on your laptop. Unfortunately, premium tickets may cost you up to 10 times more than the price of an economy ticket. If you prefer to fly in business class to Europe, or wish to find an affordable business class to Europe for your clients, here are a few pointers.

Hire a Travel Agency

All airlines want to fly full planes. However, they don’t discount their prices publicly. Instead, they make deals with travel agents, who then find you affordable flight tickets to Europe. The best way to bag a discount when flying business class is to hire an approved local Pittsburgh travel agency. Travel agencies can also find you last minute flight deals to Europe through their connections with airlines. We have unparalleled access to the deepest discounts available on the market, and can ensure that you get the service you desire when travelling internationally. Don’t get stuck with high-priced tickets, or accommodations that simply dont work for you. Contact us directly and let us show you the difference of working with professional travel agents.

Joining Airline Loyalty Programs

Airlines have loyalty programs that accumulate mileage points. You can use your points to upgrade or book a flight is you have enough points. Remember to also check and redeem your points before expiration. They are not always available, but certainly an option if you happen to have accrued sufficient credit.

Weekend Travel

Most business travelers fly during the week. The tickets are therefore costlier because of the demand. Weekend flying when possible will mean fewer business class travelers. You will find more seats up for grabs, which makes it easier for you to potentially snag a deal.

Using Airline Credit Cards

Flying business class to Europe comes with bonuses, also if you use an airline-branded card. Some of the cards include American Express Platinum, Chase Sapphire Preferred, United Mileage Plus card, and Delta SkyMiles American Express Card. The co-branded cards offer sign-up bonuses and points every time to spend money with them. You can use the accumulated points to upgrade to business class. Also, remember that these cards accumulate your spending and miles. If you often fly to Europe, especially for business, taking advantage of these bonuses will save you money.

Buy Points

You can buy points directly from the airline and use them to upgrade from economy to business class when flying to Europe. However, avoid buying points from other websites- focus on airline websites. Crunch the numbers before purchasing these points to ensure that you are making savings. The points will come in handy when you need a last-minute affordable business class flight to Europe. In reality, this is an expensive endeavor and rarely does it materialize to any kind of savings.

Essentially, none of the above options are always guaranteed, you may not have sufficient credit card points, or redeemable mileage, however, one thing is for sure, when you contact us, your Pittsburgh travel agency, we will always seek to find you the best deals that are possible on the market. If you are traveling to Europe for business or leisure, hire a local Pittsburgh travel agency to help you find the best flight deals. As a local agency serving local clients, we ensure that you fly in an affordable business class to Europe.